Have you considered using a Church Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Church?

In this article, we will explore how using church marketing can grow your church. We’ll look at the similarities, and the medium to use, and discuss how you can use church marketing to reach a wider audience.

Before, we take a step further…

Here are vital components to help you kick start!

⦁ Social Media Ads
⦁ Church Management Solution
⦁ Website
⦁ Outreach

Is Church Marketing Biblical?

In today’s world “marketing” in the church sphere often leaves a negative imprint in the mind of people, it’s often considered as a “Taboo” or “Godlessness”

Before we’d come to agree. Let’s read through the passages of scripture.

He said to them, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” – Mark 16:15.

How could you have possibly heard about Jesus If someone had not talked about him to you on the Bus? walkway? Office? Or even at a meeting. That’s the reality of Church Marketing – Using the right tools to reach people wherever they could be – To tell them about Christ.

“Church marketing win souls for Christ – if done right.”

The Practical Strategies.

Running up on – direct mail, Facebook Ads, Social Media, Websites, Email, Text Messaging … and so forth could be so overwhelming. Actually, It is.

Church marketing is majorly all about helping churches get new visitors every single new week. In many cases, you’re trying to persuade people to take a look at what you have to offer, and then convince them to take the next step by attending your church.

Religiously speaking, it’s less about making an impression on the readers and more about using stories and encounters to spread the word.

We’ve bubbled down 5 Clear Church Marketing Strategies to embed into your church marketing strategies, These strategies have been demonstrated repeatedly to assist churches to get new first-timers every single week.

Strategy #1: Publicize in Social Media Crowded Social Places – Facebook Advertising

One of the top advantages of Facebook Advertising is that – it’s speedy, it’s modest, and doesn’t require many technicalities but its effectiveness is minimal…
Facebook Promotions, nonetheless, might be more altered to assist you with contacting the people you care about most.

In some church strategy layouts, Facebook Ads work incredibly great around key energy posts during the Sunday service, Mid-week services, Celebration days, Easter Day, Christmas, etc.

Promotions are also powerful for site changes and video viewpoints, which help motivate people to drop by or participate in a church event before they practically end up being committed, church members.

Strategy #2: Use a Church Management Solution to Keep In Touch With Visitors – Text!

Churchplus developed a Follow-up Workflow™️ system to help Church Pastors automate their entire church management from increasing church attendance to first-time guest retention, and church remittance to overall church administration.


…Because we know that after personal invitation, Texting is the next best form of marketing.
According to Research, More than 560 billion SMS are sent monthly all over the world within the church space.

Texting is the foremost viable channel of communication today and is additionally the leading capable way to reach youth adults.

Hence, if your church isn’t utilizing this technological innovation in your church communications and welfare cell, you’ve fallen behind the times.

SMS messaging helps you connect with your first-time guests, reach more people, and build deeper connections using the Messaging Platform.

You can start using the texting software to support your word-of-mouth marketing by signing up for FREE.

Start sending messages in Minutes – Claim Free 500 SMS Units Today!

Still uncertain If It’s worth it? See our clientele.

Here’s a template for crafting your own text messaging campaign.

Follow-Up Message Template – Example: Good day, Esther, You can now watch the upload on our live streaming service on Youtube, Listen & Be Blessed! Hope you can also join us for week 2 of this power-packed crusade (Add a link to the sermon).

Invitation Message Template – Hi Faith, We’d be pleased to have you at our Bible Scripture series this weekend. Make sure to invite your friends.

Reminder Message Template – So happy about the new fellowship teaching series that starts tomorrow! See you at 11 a.m. The coffee will be hot! – Pastor Phillip.

Strategy #3: Is your Church Google Smart? SEO

Have you considered listing your church on all the known online websites so visitors can locate you when they are searching for suggestions?

It’s free to get started, Just create a church profile and you’re good to go.

Have your church on Google: https://www.google.com/business/

Strategy #4: The Meet point – Website Before Church Visitation.

Your church website is the determining meeting point, It’s either welcoming or the opposite.

In a regular sense, your church website should rank very high in Google search results, the visibility makes people able to see and notice your church when they type in the “Churches near me” suggestion.

The pass line is, if your church’s website isn’t engaging visitors and speaking to them to come worship in your church, it needs a revamp.
And, actually, you can get a smart church website for as low as NGN 100,000.

Check out our Catalog of Websites Built for our Clientele.

Strategy #5: Reach Out To People – Evangelism

Evangelism announces and communicates the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people within and outside of your church community. Consistent evangelism is a great way to market your church, connect and share the good news with another person.

Did your church pass the test?
In this age – we live in a world where social media is dominating the online space

People read reviews before taking a step further.
Looking to find a church that’s a bible believing church? People go to Facebook. People are going to look at reviews to determine whether your church is a good place to worship and if it is safe for their kids, who are watching them, and their spiritual life, they’re going to check out your church’s reviews.
Is your social proof in check? Set? Ready? Move!

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