Engage with your members via SMS messaging

Connect with first-time guests, reach more people and build deeper connections using ChurchPlus SMS Messaging Platform.

Start sending SMS in minutes. T&C applies.

Join thousands of churches using our SMS platform

99.9% Delivery

Be rest assured that our dedicated SMS platform guarantees instant delivery of messages.

Instant Sender ID

Get your church sender ID approved instantly

Automated Messages

Build lasting relationships with your members by sending personalized automated birthday and wedding messages on their special day.

Instant Communication

Messages are instantly delivered to members' mobile phones, members can reply to your messages and you will get them on your phone.

SMS Scheduling

Schedule messages for future events and be rest assured that it will be delivered at the right time.

Real-time delivery report analysis.

ChurchPlus provides an instant delivery report of the SMS you sent with detailed insight on how SMS is being processed.

User friendly and simple church management software including membership database, communications platform, event & attendance management, first timer retention workflow, &  multi branch management.

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