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A complete, affordable and customized Church mobile app for your ministry: online giving, podcast, testimonies, events and many more.

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Connect with members
on their smartphones

Grow disciples by connecting with your church community outside the church building to grow their spiritual discipline in studying the word, sharing testimonies and connecting with other members of their sub-groups.

Testimonies And Events.

Members can easily share testimonies or access events directly on their phones. 

Podcast/On-Demand Media

Sermons or livestream services can be accessed anytime & anywhere.


Grow your members spiritually through structured daily teachings

Online Giving and Donation

One time & recurring giving or donations can be made from anywhere.

Connect with members on their smartphones

Engage with the community God has given you to serve and lead. The mobile app enable members to engage with your real time church newsfeed, watch sermons on the go, access small group chat, request for prayer,  make donations, and much more.

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Interactive content and newsfeed for members engagement

Your church mobile app should be filled with dynamic newsfeed (daily devotionals, announcements, upcoming events, and other events) to update members on ministry activities to inspire commitment, participation and engagement.

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Private in-app chat for your small groups, cells and other church groups

Improve connections among members with the in-app chat for your cell system and small group management. Members can request to join a group based on interest and be approved by group leaders thereby creating a secure place for discipleship.

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Livestream, Sermon, Media, Podcast, and Audio Library

People can connect to your messages, give offerings, take actions on the go. Directly capture new converts and first timer details and give opportunity for members to request ministry services all in one place.

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Set-up a mobile app for
your church in 5-minutes

How to get the generic church mobile app

Sign up for a trial-account by providing basic details of your church and login to your account 

2. Click Mobile app Setup

Click on mobile app setup and follow the process to provide the information about ministry and  customize with logo & colours.

3. Share your mobile app

Congratulations your church mobile app is ready. Copy the link and share with your members or add to your church website.

Free Generic Church Mobile App

Want to see how it works? or don't want to invest in a custom mobile app? Our free generic mobile app will also allow your members benefit from a streamlined media experience making it easy for your church community to stay connected and engaged throughout the week on their phones.

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In-app Online Giving & Donations

Your church can now collect it offerings and donations via various channels - on your website, via giving links and forms and now on your church mobile app.

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Church Mobile Apps
We Have Built

User friendly and simple church management software including membership database, communications platform, event & attendance management, first timer retention workflow, &  multi branch management.

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