According to the dictionary, to live-stream means to transmit or receive live video and audio coverage of an event over the Internet. In the Church, we have multiple events and activities every week. Over the past few years, live streaming has become more and more popular for allowing Church members attend events remotely from around the world or even from the comfort of their homes or offices.

livestreaming for churches

Connecting to a live-stream from the Church is the best way for your audience to actively partake in Church events and activities when they cannot be physically present.

In Nigeria today, there is a rise in the demand for live-streaming in a lot of Churches as people want to connect to the events and activities in real time. It serves as a great avenue for boosting Church membership size and reaching new people with the word of God.

Benefits to the Church

  1. Live streaming helps the church reach people who are sick, injured, old or physically disabled. These people cannot make the journey for services but will have the opportunity to connect online.
  2. The reach of your Church extends beyond your local community and connects with you people all around the world.
  3. Members who are traveling or out of town can still actively be a part of Church events and activities.
  4. It leads to greater engagement with members. Your audience can comment, interact with one another and ask questions, especially on social media.
  5. Online offerings and donations increase as members connect and can make these donations during the services.
  6. Live streaming is much more cost-effective and cheaper than subscribing for Television air time.

Live streaming on Social Media

Youtube live streaming
facebook live streaming

The rise in the use of smartphones has led to an increase in the use of social media. It is a fast and efficient way to be in touch and connect with your audience especially the younger generation. Most young people spend a lot of their time on social media every day. Live-streaming on social media will attract the younger audience to your church and also boost online presence. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have made this very easy and your YouTube channel can be embedded in your Church website or mobile application for people to connect easily.


The world is moving at a fast pace digitally and it is important that the Church moves along with it. Leveraging technology, the Church can reach more people with the word of God and salvation. The internet serves as a great tool for connections and communication and it is essential that the Church takes advantage of this.

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