5 Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Website

As a pastor, If you are still not convinced that your church needs a website, read this! According to research, over 60% of churchgoers claim that a church website is necessary for participation at church. Your church website is the...

Technology and Church Growth

There is a continuous rise in the demand and usefulness of technology and the Church should not be left out of this trend. The topic “Technology and Church Growth” will be a series that encompasses a lot of different aspects....

Common Mistakes made on Church Websites

In this technology age, church websites are a very important way to attract visitors and connect with members online. A well organized website properly introduces your church to people searching online and also the world at large.

Live Streaming and Its Importance to the Church

According to the dictionary, to live-stream means to transmit or receive live video and audio coverage of an event over the Internet. In the Church, we have multiple events and activities every week. Over the past few years, live streaming...

We build software and tools to help churches maximize technology tools to increase attendance, retain first time guest, enhance membership engagement & overall church administration.

User friendly and simple church management software including membership database, communications platform, event & attendance management, first timer retention workflow, &  multi branch management.

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