What’s Stopping Your Church From Growing? 

Pastors become quite frustrated and disturbed when their congregations stop expanding. Church growth is a process that takes place over time; it does not end suddenly. You occasionally lose a member, and when you look up, you see that the...

9 Shocking Reasons Why Millions of People Will Never Go to Church

Many Christians have abandoned church attendance. They have not denounced God, repudiated their faith, denied Christ, or converted to paganism. They simply stopped attending church! A recent thread where most Christians lamented about the reasons they stopped attending churches and...

Pastors Should Deploy These Time-Saving Techniques

As a church leader, you are aware of how simple it is to run out of steam. A majority of church leaders are overworked and under-resourced. Follow this article to the end and learn ways to simplify your work and...

User friendly and simple church management software including membership database, communications platform, event & attendance management, first timer retention workflow, &  multi branch management.

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