As a church, attracting visitors is important as these are the first timers that eventually convert to full-time members. Without having people visit in the first place, it is almost impossible for the Church to grow. In this article we will be highlighting some steps to take to attract visitors to your Church. If you need tips on how to retain these first-timers please read our post on that here.


You need to create and invest in platforms that open your church doors both literally and figuratively. These platforms include but are not limited to a church website, house fellowships, evangelism outreaches and one on one invitations. Be active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Reaching people via these is one of the most cost effective and least expensive ways for evangelism. Live-streaming is also an important tool in reaching out to people. To read more this, please click here.


Pursue excellence, hospitality and cleanliness. Visitors need to feel welcome and this is where hospitality comes in. They should be recived with smiles, warmth and comfort. The cleanliness of the Church environment is another important factor in making your visitors want to be associated with your church. It is important that great attention is paid to cleaning, arrangement, decoration, chairs, display, sound and every other aspect of church activities. Excellence is not really about the amount of financial resources, it is more about making do with the resources you have and the effort that is put into that.


Engage, connect and sell the vision. A solid and effective follow up system is important to keep your visitors interested in your church. Sometimes, this follow up gives your visitors a reason to invite their friends and family on subsequent visits. A good follow up system involves a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to ensure visitors feel like they are important to you and are welcome to come back any time no matter what. Some of these visitors will request for prayers, financial support, visitations, etc. It is important that the church does its best to ensure they feel cared for and part of a family. ChurchPlus makes the follow up system very easy with the automated follow up process on our church management software. To view the software you can request a demo .

In addition to the above steps, it is advisable that you also develop a plan to attract visitors to your church that is specific to your ministry. Every church is unique in their own way and this should be evident in your plan. With the above steps and your own well defined plan, attracting visitors will definitely be a walk in the park.

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