Church growth is a topic of great importance for pastors and leaders seeking to fulfill the Great Commission and expand the Kingdom of God. In a captivating preaching session by Rev Dr. David Yonggi Cho, a renowned pastor and influential figure in church growth, we glean valuable insights into the principles that have contributed to the remarkable growth of his church. Let’s delve into the key points from his sermon and explore how they can inspire and guide us on our own journey of church growth.

1. Growth Starts in the Heart: Vision from the Holy Spirit

Rev Dr. Cho emphasizes that genuine church growth begins with a vision received from the Holy Spirit. It is the vision that ignites passion, direction, and purpose, driving us to fulfill God’s calling for our ministry.

2. Burning Desire for the Vision

A burning desire is necessary to propel us towards fulfilling the vision. It is this passion that fuels our dedication, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to seeing the vision come to fruition.

3. Prayer: The Lifeblood of Church Growth

Rev Dr. Cho highlights the essential role of prayer in the growth of a church. Prayer establishes a powerful connection with God, seeking His guidance, intervention, and empowerment in every aspect of the ministry.

4. Faith: The Catalyst for Miracles

Faith is an indispensable element in the journey of church growth. Believing in God’s promises, stepping out in faith, and trusting in His provision and power are key to experiencing supernatural growth and miracles.

5. Deep Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

Intimacy with the Holy Spirit is crucial for church growth. Nurturing a deep, ongoing relationship with the Holy Spirit allows us to walk in His wisdom, anointing, and guidance, empowering us to lead with spiritual sensitivity.

6. Creating an Environment for Encountering God

Rev Dr. Cho emphasizes the importance of creating an atmosphere where people can genuinely experience God’s presence. Worship, teaching, and ministry should be intentional in facilitating encounters with the living God, transforming lives and drawing people closer to Him.

7. Practical Ministry that Meets People’s Needs

Ministry should be practical, meeting the real-life needs of individuals within the congregation and the community. Identifying and addressing these needs with love, compassion, and relevant solutions foster growth and impact.

8. Implementing an Effective Cell System

Rev Dr. Cho’s church experienced exponential growth through an effective cell system. By organizing members into smaller groups, fostering connection, discipleship, and accountability, the church expanded its reach and impact.

9. Engaging Members in the Growth Journey

Rev Dr. Cho emphasizes the importance of engaging church members, especially women, in the work of the church. Empowering and involving every member in the growth journey fosters a sense of ownership, commitment, and shared responsibility.

10. Establishing Strong Church Administration

An effective and efficient church administration system is vital for sustaining growth. Implementing proper organizational structures, clear communication channels, and streamlined processes allows for smooth operation and facilitates further expansion.

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11. Closing the Back Door with Love

Loving and caring for first-time visitors and existing members is crucial to prevent attrition. By nurturing genuine relationships, providing pastoral care, and fostering a sense of belonging, the church can retain more members and close the back door.

12. Focus on Priorities and Delegate

Rev Dr. Cho advises pastors to focus on essential aspects such as prayer, studying the Word, and preaching, while delegating other tasks to capable associates and cell leaders. This enables the pastor to invest time and energy in strategic activities that drive growth.

13. Giving Glory to God

Above all, Rev Dr. Cho reminds us to give all glory and honor to God.


Rev Dr. David Yonggi Cho’s preaching on the principles of church growth provides invaluable insights for pastors and leaders seeking to cultivate a thriving and impactful ministry. From igniting a burning desire for God’s vision and cultivating deep fellowship with the Holy Spirit to implementing practical ministry, engaging members, and establishing effective systems, these principles serve as a roadmap for growth. By embracing these principles, pastors can create an environment where people encounter God, experience transformation, and become passionate disciples. Ultimately, as we give glory to God and surrender to His leading, we can witness His power at work in our churches, bringing about genuine growth and impacting lives for eternity.

Watch the full preaching session by Rev Dr. David Yonggi Cho at to delve deeper into these principles and be inspired to embark on a journey of impactful church growth.

Remember, church growth is not just about numbers; it is about leading people to a deeper relationship with God, equipping them to fulfill their purpose, and advancing the Kingdom of God. Let us embrace these principles and trust in God’s guidance as we seek to build thriving and influential churches that make a lasting impact in our communities.
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