Is it wrong for pastors to earn additional income? I refer to “additional money” as funds outside of the church wage. However, in order to respond to that question, it is necessary to consider the overarching guidelines for pastoral compensation which birth the question below

What is the Bible’s viewpoint on pastors making money? And the surest way to answer such a question is to consult God’s word.

There he met a Jew named Aquila, a native of Pontus, who had recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla because Claudius had ordered all the Jews to leave Rome. Paul went to see them, and because he was a tentmaker as they were, he stayed and worked with them. –Acts 18:2-4

We’ve finally arrived at the question that started it all. What if the pastor’s family has greater needs or wants than the church can or is willing to meet? Perhaps the pastor needs additional funds for retirement, debt repayment, college savings for his children, allowing his wife to stay at home and take care of the house full-time, or for some other reason.

Based on the aforementioned scriptural principles, it is entirely permissible for a pastor to earn money for work that is both additional to and unrelated to his pastoral ministry, so long as it doesn’t interfere with or undercut his primary calling.

Going forward, this article will cover ways to make extra money as a pastor.


A side business could possibly take a little or more time and effort to grow, but it offers a lot of earning profits. If things are fixed and put in place, a side business can create consistent revenue that may exceed your pastor’s wages. The business must be run part-time and with flexible hours in order to combine your ministry effectively. You need to be able to prioritize your pastoral call and schedule everything else around it.

The following business ventures are adaptable enough to work alongside your ministry


The finest side business for pastors is book authorship and publication. Writing about your experiences as a minister will allow you to express them in ways that are difficult to express through preaching.

You may even publish your sermons as books and market them to other people.

Enter the publishing industry if you’re seeking a reliable source of income. Many Christian publishers give writers the opportunity to make royalties from online book sales.

Consider asking friends, relatives, and people in your community to co-author a book with you if you are not a professional writer.


Speaking (preaching) is really a large chunk of a pastor’s job. Technically speaking, it’s the most important one.

Glossophobia, or the phobia of public speaking, is quite common. Speech anxiety affects over 75% of the population. As a pastor, you most likely have more public speaking experience than almost anybody else.

You can put your skills to good use by delivering private speech coaching sessions or group workshops. There is a high need for public speaking assistance, whether it is for job presentations or to host a program.


Most pastors are podcast hosts and speakers because it gives them the chance to spread their expertise while making some extra money.

You can use your sermons to create a podcast if you don’t want to start anything entirely fresh.

It may be immensely fulfilling to use your own voice to instruct others about faith and what it means to live out that faith. In addition, compared to other firms, it has lower overhead expenses for things like staff and office space. You can earn more money without working more hours if you create your own podcast or book speaking engagements.


Many pastors are equipped to instruct online courses, particularly those pertaining to their faith. This is a fantastic strategy to increase your income.

You can submit and sell your courses in a variety of online learning environments, whether they are on religious topics or not. Your church members will be pleased since they can access the same top-notch material, they’ve come to rely on from you while you also make money.


One of the simplest methods to earn extra money is through affiliate marketing. With no setup fees, it can be a fantastic method to quickly produce passive income.

Online, there are many affiliate programs that let you promote goods and services in exchange for commissions. This is usually at the referral level, and if specific promotion milestones are reached, bonuses could be offered.

All of these programs also provide you with some extra promotion options via websites, blogs, and email newsletters.


If you are a pastor who enjoys music, consider using your talent to supplement your income.

Worship leaders would do well to take up this side gig. Make fantastic worship tunes and market them globally. You may upload your music online and get paid based on how many times it is seen on websites like YouTube.

You might even provide a paid performance at other churches or gatherings.


Imagine how many people would be interested in learning from you if you have been pastoring and practicing ministry for a long time. Many new pastors are just getting started and have no idea where to begin.

You can charge a fee and begin counseling a number of new pastors on what to do and what to avoid in order to be successful in ministry.

In reality, this is a side job that you can perform easily in retirement when you have gathered life-changing knowledge and have all the time you need to mentor individuals who look up to you.


E-commerce is a wonderful side venture for pastors if you have a talent for sales and a touch of entrepreneurial energy. With the correct merchandise, you may sell the ideal Christmas or Easter gifts to your church members.

To make this work, you’ll need to identify the demographic that regularly attends your church. You might also conduct some research into what people are purchasing at other religious organizations and internet stores at various periods of the year. That way, you can make something they want but might not be able to get their hands on.

E-commerce platforms like Etsy offer fantastic opportunities for makers and sellers to launch their own businesses without having to worry about overhead costs or inventory issues.

Another platform you can use to build your own e-commerce website is Shopify. You can create an e-commerce website for anything, including clothing, wholesale goods, homemade goods, handcrafted items, and even recipes.


A blog, like this one, is a fantastic way to spread your message and earn some extra cash. Many pastors are good writers and public speakers, which is a quality that can help you land your second job.

Do you know that you may use your sermons as blog posts to create a brand-new blog post every week? Your followers on your blog will be eager to reread your sermons.

Your blog can be made profitable in a variety of ways, such as with advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing. A blog enables you to market your own goods and services, such as books, sermons, and speaking engagements.

You might also monetize your blog posts by selling them on other websites like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.


A neat way for pastors to make money and get more active in their communities is by starting a side business. However, there are some deployable time-saving techniques for pastors that you should read about here.

What are your thoughts? Tell us about your side hustle or how you plan to start one in the comments!

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