Overall Church administration encompasses a lot of different aspects most especially around people and processes. It is made up of membership management, finance management, effective communication within Church leaders and with members. Church administration also involves having structured well-detailed processes and appropriate resources management.

Tips for better Church Administration

Church administration tends to be overwhelming when all activities are not properly defined and structured. The first step towards avoiding this is to adequately outline the different departments that are necessary to carry out administrative tasks. Departments should include but are not limited to general administration, accounting, communications, media, follow-up, and hospitality.

The next step is the appointment/recruitment of key people that would serve as the leaders in each of the departments outlined. In smaller churches, to save cost it is advisable to choose church members who can do these administrative tasks on a part-time basis. In larger-sized churches, full-time staff should be employed to handle church administration. Also, leaders need to be held accountable for oversights and mismanagement of resources.

When the departments, tasks, and people to carry them out have all been properly outlined and defined then it is time to discuss processes. Processes are one of the most important parts of any organization. Processes need to be structured and documented not just for the present but for future purposes when there is a change of staff. It makes handovers easier and the new person/people can hit the ground running. Documented processes also help to avoid misunderstandings and help improve overall team productivity.

After the establishment of the above, the final step is the adoption of a church management system. Church management systems help to effectively manage membership, communications, follow-up, etc. These systems automate processes to improve efficiency. To see a demo of what a church management system can do for you, visit https://churchplus.azurewebsites.net/registration/demoaccess

With the above tips, Church administration gets easier, less cumbersome and overwhelming.

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