Churchplus is absolutely free for Christian churches with fewer than 50 members. Churchplus charges a monthly cost of NGN3,000 if you want to use the project portfolio of software products.

Why Should You Use Churchplus?

Churchplus digital tools are designed specifically for churches. like PayPal, makes it simple to make and receive payments online, accepts major credit and debit cards, and allows you to transfer funds.

Churchplus, unlike PayPal, has sophisticated functionality as a church management tool.

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Among Churchplus top features are:

  • Giving by text message is made possible via text messaging.
  • There are various ways to donate, including using quick transfers
  • Designation of donations to various funds
  • Software for managing churches that seamlessly integrates with your donation platforms
  • Using a church contact database or CRM, you may stay organized and interact with your members.
  • A church app that engages your congregation members with sermons, news, a chat feature, in-app Bible reading, a prayer wall, and more than just a donation app.
  • You can create a stunning, individualized website that is ideal for your local church community and even more

For taking direct contributions from your church’s members via their mobile devices, your church website, at a kiosk, or even via text, is a solid option. However, it goes much beyond that, offering a whole line of things to support the growth of your church.

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How Churchplus Actually Works.

For churches with fewer than 50 members, Churchplus is totally free. Churchplus charges a monthly cost of #3,000 if you want to use the entire software bundle.

Why Churchplus?

Churchplus digital tools are designed specifically for churches. It’s adaptable, simple to use, and has cheap transaction fees.

Churchplus, as shown below, is considerably more straightforward for churches to utilize, delivering a more frictionless experience for both church administrators and church members.

You can compare Churchplus products and other software using the details provided below, including features, user reviews, costs, and opinions from current Churchplus users who have switched.

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Make sure your church is weighing these options and selecting the best option for your members!

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User friendly and simple church management software including membership database, communications platform, event & attendance management, first timer retention workflow, &  multi branch management.

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