It might interest you to know that people can comprehend visuals 60,000 times quicker than text. In the church, visual communication is equally as crucial as written and vocal communication, and it’s a privilege it is for us as designers to help communicate God’s word via art.

Visuals have a great impact. They aid in drawing individuals unconsciously into an experience.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the visuals in a room always give you a specific impression.

If you provide interesting graphic content, the congregation will be drawn in and more likely to digest and understand the message you are aiming to get across, technically ensuring you adhere to consistent brand criteria (such as having a set color palette, logo, types of font, etc.). Creating good graphics content for your church’s social media channels will help you develop brand recognition, but it might be daunting, especially if you are not skilled in graphic design.

How then can we help to build a visual environment that helps others engage with the message that is being conveyed?

Let’s dive into some…

Some Samples of the kind of Church Graphics Content to Create

  • Special Church Event 
  • Evangelism Promotional Materials 
  • Sermon Announcements Fliers
  • Church Calendars 
  • Service Reminder Flier

Effective visual design for your church will ultimately help you better connect your words to your congregation by making it more inviting It’s also crucial that your logo maintains consistency throughout a variety of platforms.

Canva is a fantastic, cost-free, user-friendly design tool that anyone can use to produce stunning, expert, compelling pictures. You don’t need any design knowledge to make interesting and appealing visuals because of the platform’s richness of drag-and-drop templates.

To ensure that your content design is on target…

Use the following easy tips:

1. Combine Decorative & Basic Fonts

In practice, you want the fonts on a slide to be completely compatible. One font for the longest word or phrase and another for the body text might be a pleasant touch, but anything more than two can start to seem cluttered. Additionally, use built-in fonts like Montserrat Classic while employing a fancy font like Playlist Script.

Stick to maintaining the text’s readability, and clever font pairing, and try establishing a very good alignment between the heading and the supporting information.

2. Play With Colours

When it comes to making anything recognizable, color is a tremendous tool. As a result, the color palette should be applied uniformly. Because colors exist in a variety of tints, hues, and tones, it’s vital to avoid just putting “blue” on your style guide. You must be as specific as possible, which you can achieve by employing hex codes. The hex code is a six-digit hexadecimal number used in computer applications. The hex code #000295, for example, signifies a certain shade of blue.

Sticking to a simple color palette when creating content will help with brand awareness and make your social media profile appear welcoming. If you must utilize hues different from those in your established brand color palette, make sure they are comparable to your existing palette.

You may find a short list of complementary colors that will assist you in creating church graphics

presentations that stand out.

3. The Image Size

Check how your design appears in both 16:9 and 4:3, so you can be sure it fits both aspect ratios. In neither case do you want your layout to appear jumbled.

Try Canva if you want to quickly and easily construct your full church presentation. You can also work together remotely with your entire church team, create captivating presentations quickly, and upload sermon audio and slides to your website very fast

4. Use Quality Images & Tone it Simple.

As you design your presentation in Canva, follow the grid ideas you see. The eye prefers order, so focus on alignment and leave plenty of empty space. It is difficult to comprehend a slide with a lot of text.

What designing metrics are you already tracking?

How can this information help you make designing easier at your church?

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