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One software to automate your entire church management from increasing church attendance, first time guest retention, church remittance to overall church administration.

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Membership Database & Management

We help churches build better relationships with members, improve connections and measure performance at any time.

Membership community & engagement

In today’s world, connecting with your congregation goes beyond the walls of the church. Our platform helps you to build community & nurture relationships with your members.

Retain first time guests

Automated workflows make sure every visitor receives custom SMS, emails and a follow-up routine. This give churches insight on ways to engage first time guest, analyze custom trend and create reports.

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Robust Communication Platform

We help churches improve & automate their communication and measure effectiveness at any time.

Communicate important announcements and reminder with people and groups using text messages. Be assured of efficient delivery with our 99.9% SMS delivery rate.

Send emails to individuals and groups in just a few clicks. With the feature to add images, you can make your emails interactive and interesting.

Send messages to individuals and groups directly on WhatsApp in just a few clicks. We have seen engagement in small groups grow by using this tool.

Connect with members in a special way by automatically sending pre-recorded voice messages (Pastors prayer or welcome message) to individuals and groups.

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We love to build software and tools for churches

We build software and tools to help churches maximize technology tools to increase attendance, retain first time guest, enhance membership engagement & overall church administration.

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Church Financial Management

A flexible, simple and comprehensive accounting system for better church financial tracking and reporting. uniquely designed for churches of different sizes to optimize accounting processes. It supports both single and multi-branch management. Our financial system makes it easy for people to send their tithes, offerings, project contribution or special donations from several channels - your website, a mobile giving app, USSD solutions and payment links.

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Church Mobile Apps

Connect with your members & church community any time any day on their smartphone.

Connect with your members & church community any time any day on their smartphone. Members can watch livestream, podcast, testimonies, events and give online.

Build your church community with the member app.

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User friendly and simple church management software including membership database, communications platform, event & attendance management, first timer retention workflow, &  multi branch management.

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