Manage church administrative task from one platform

One software for church management to help automate & save time on administrative task from first timer follow-up to managing multiple branches.

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Join thousands of churches using our Church Management System

Built Specifically for Churches

Our online church management software gives access to your church administrative team to effectively perform their task, lead their teams, ministries and small groups.


Gets general reports of membership growth, attendance, first time retention rate, financials etc.


Save time on membership database management, communication and generating reports.


Manage income, expense & other accounts. You can also generate financial reports.

Groups Leader

Manage and communicate to members of assigned groups via SMS, Email, Voice and WhatsApp.

Follow-up Leader

Manage follow-up processes for first timers

Media Team

Manage and post to social media and church mobile app

Children Teachers

Use the child check-in feature to manage children pickup


Manage multiple branches from one place


Reach and engage with more people. Send announcements, event reminders etc, using our improved and automated communication channels like SMS, Email, WhatsApp and Voice

Membership Database Management.

Churchplus makes it easy to manage your congregation, do follow-up on first-time guests and communicate with your church community, with this you build a deeper connection with leaders, groups and teams.

Church management software

Automated Workflow.

Churchplus workflow makes it easy to assign important tasks related to members and first-time guests follow-up and track the level of completion. Workflow gives insight on first-time guests, analyses custom trends and creates reports.

Reporting and Insights.

Churchplus reporting tools help you to make accurate and informed decisions on the happenings of your church.

User friendly and simple church management software including membership database, communications platform, event & attendance management, first timer retention workflow, &  multi branch management.

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